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Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts: Overview

A merchant account is a line of credit but only for that one particular store. These merchant accounts are GUARANTEED APPROVAL (99% approval rating). These GUARANTEED credit approval accounts (99% approval rating) will establish large high credit limits on your credit report which will help you to rebuild your credit.


Merchant Accounts: Our Recommended Merchants

Down2Shop is a great online shopping website. Better yet, they provide their own lines of credit for customers! Clicking this link will take you to their online store, where you can register for credit. After a quick credit check, you can be issued up to credit for use in their store! Generally, they are looking for a FICO score of at least 550 (Transunion). Approved buyers can get anywhere between $500-5,000 in Down2Shop credit. The turnaround for this credit line being reported to the bureaus is much faster than a secured credit card. For this credit line, they report every 3 days, meaning your credit line will be submitted to the bureaus within 72 hours. You may need to pay a set up fee or buy something from their store to activate your account. Best of all, every 6 months the bank your creditworthiness, meaning you are eligible for a potential credit line increase as long as you have been making payments on time.
Fingerhut! These guys will very often approve consumers that a bank will not. They will either issue you credit right away or they make make you purchase something from their website to get started. Either way they approve most everyone. Click here: Finger Hut to apply!

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